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Netcap cover systems. Netcap designs and produces cover systems for box trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and specialised means of transport. Our product is designed, produced and tailored right down to the smallest detail in accordance with your requirements. The goal of Netcap is to provide every end user with a system that is stable and well-fitting, as well as sliding open and closed effortlessly, meeting each user’s specific requirements and wishes. We do this by advising those who are going to assemble the system in as much detail as possible, by always delivering a custom-made product, and by delivering clear assembly instructions and providing assembly support, if desired.


The company Netcap International BV was founded in 1999 by the former board of Knapen Trailers. Firstly, tarps were only assembled on Knapen chassis but soon the first systems were delivered as a system domestically and abroad.

After collaborating with Tasko, a supplier of bodywork parts in 2005 and 2006, Netcap branched off in 2007 and has been producing and selling custom-made systems with a great deal of success. We are currently delivering throughout Europe but also far outside the continent via agents and distributors, and our product is becoming increasingly more known.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to facilitate covering loads through smart solutions. Our goal is to help transporters improve efficiency when opening and closing their loading floor on a daily basis.

Netcap would like to offer suitable transport solutions to customers. By innovating our products, we are aspiring to be and stay number 1 in terms of sliding tarp systems. Trust and quality are our priorities. Thanks to smart partnership and an extensive network, Netcap offers the possibility of using the system worldwide. This network enables us to work on further growth and name recognition.

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