Netcap sliding tarp systems

Easy, protective and fast! We would love to tell you more about sliding tarp in general, in particular the Netcap sliding tarps. Perhaps you are still unfamiliar with the term ‘sliding tarp’. The short video on this page will show you exactly what it looks like. There are various systems, each with their own pros and cons. A Netcap sliding tarp system is developed in such a way that it has combined the benefits of the different systems and eliminated the disadvantages.

Special Netcap Body

Netcap and Nooteboom gave interested companies the opportunity, just before the lockdown of last December, to view a Nooteboom Teletrailer – equipped with a Netcap body – at Van Rijssel (bodywork company).

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New agents

We are delighted to have recently found 3 new agents who are going to help us promote Netcap abroad.

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Netcap in Thailand

Our agent Kitiwat Intertex from Thailand recently finished a beautiful CIMC trailer for Sumisho Global Logistic (SGL).

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