The standard design of a Netcap sliding tarp comes with a durable 900 gr/m2 panama tarp cloth with PVC-coating. The tarp is available in nearly all colours and can easily be delivered with, for example, your company logo, slogan or even a complete digital print.

A rubber angle profile, which prevents splashing water and dirt from penetrating, is integrated at the bottom of the tarp. We will also install reinforcements, wherever necessary, where the tarp comes in contact with the aluminium frame.

The tarp is fastened to the frame with a large number of Velcro fasteners. The tarp is attached with fastening materials at the front, rear and bottom of the trolleys.

Rolling tarp

A Netcap system must open quickly and that is why the rear is covered with a rolling tarp with integrated rolling springs by default. These springs allow the tarp to roll up automatically so the cap can easily slide forward over the load. You can also unroll the tarp again using a rope.

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