The aluminium sliding track is the base of the Netcap system. The track has space for horizontal and vertical wheels. The entire system rests on the vertical wheels. In other words, they need to support quite a lot of weight, just like the track. That is why Netcap has developed a plastic strip solely for this purpose that slides easily in the track. This strip prevents the track from wear and tear and extends the life span of the wheels.

The track is reinforced at the top, and as a result of which a lateral nudge by a forklift will not experience any adverse effects. In addition, the Netcap track is equipped with a unique characteristic, namely the ‘lashing hook channel’. The name says it all: this is a channel whereby a lashing hook can be placed at any desired position (TüV-tested).

Special tracks are available for vehicles with sideboards. Please ask us about the options!


You can open the standard frame from the front and rear. That is why it is designed with a wide, extra stable trolley from the front and rear. Depending on the height and length of the vehicle, one or more narrow trolleys are placed in between.

The trolleys are equipped with plastic wheels which have self-lubricating ball bearings and are interconnected using a diagonal system of scissors. This scissors system is designed in such a way that the complete frame becomes one unit and the tarp neatly folds up when opening the system.

If it is not absolutely necessary to frequently open the front, you can opt not to have the front wide trolley. This has a beneficial influence on the weight and dimensions of the inserted package.

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