Overcentre locking

The rear can be closed in two ways. We have developed an overcentre lock that is used by default for the rear trolleys. The handle that is included in the delivery ensures that you can lock and tension the sliding cap with minimal effort.


De naam zegt het al, bij deze sluiting draait het om snelheid. Daarnaast heeft het nog enkele voordelen. Het ziet er strak afgewerkt uit, heeft een perfecte conectie met het Netcap kopschot (eventueel ook op uw kopschot). En bij het op en neer rollen van de kap hangt er geen zeilflap met spanbuis naar binnen. Deze sluiting wordt geintergeerd in de voorste loopwagen.

Tarp tensioning

As is the case with many other sliding tarp vehicles, the front of the system is designed with a tarp flap which has an aluminium tension bar mounted on it. This tension bar is wound up using a tensioner of your choice. As a result, the front trolley is pulled towards the bulkhead and the tarp tensions at the same time.


A great advantage of the Netcap LPS-system is the fact that it seals perfectly to nearly every type of bulkhead. That is the reason why we do not deliver a bulkhead by default. However, we can also provide a bulkhead if you wish. Netcap offers trailer or flat bulkheads of good quality as a building package, in a manner that makes it assemble.

Roof raisers

When folding the sliding cap, the tarp folds downward by 20 to 40 cm. Even though it’s not a problem for most types of loads to come in contact with the tarp, some loads may be affected by it. Glass plates or other fragile material are examples of that. In cases such as these, it is important that the tarp drop is minimise. This can be achieved by attaching extra lifting bows, which is easily done.

Poles with ratchet and strap

This closure is especially suitable for extra high or wide systems. Therefore we have this in-house developed ‘old fashion’ locking system available. This system consists of two poles that are provided with tension ratchets. These poles can be placed into our rails. The tension ratchets have straps with hooks, in order to easily pull the trolley backwards.


Your Netcap sliding tarp can be equipped with mounted doors upon request. We will reinforce the rear trolley so the sliding cap remains stable under the weight of the doors. Please do not hesitate to ask about our options.

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