Delivery and assembly

Every bodywork or trailer builder can easily assemble a Netcap using our extensive assembly manual. You can also opt to have our mechanics assemble them, either in our workshop or at your location.

The assembly of a Netcap system consists of a number of steps:

1. Assembly of the sliding track against the chassis;
2. Assembly and attachment of the trolleys;
3. Assembly and attachment of the system of struts;
4. Attachment and tensioning of the tarp

Assembly time

The total assembly time mainly depends on the dimensions and options, among other things. Please contact Netcap for an actual estimate.

The trolleys are partially assembled on delivery. The only thing you need to worry about is establishing the connection between the stanchions and the roof raisers. For this purpose, Netcap has simple connectors so that every trolley can be disassembled in the blink of an eye. The same applies to the strut systems, so that the entire frame is disassembled extremely quickly and can be slid into the tracks!

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